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WKCR: The Malaria Mystery


The Malaria Mystery was the third of a four-part, summer-long series of multiple-part episodes of The Best Medicine on WKCR-FM.

We could completely eradicate malaria worldwide, say experts like Drs. Johanna Daily and Myles Akabas of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. If so, why haven’t we? Malaria kills about half a million children die each year; that’s the equivalent of five to seven jumbo jets of children crashing per day. What might new treatments look like? How do we improve health care in malaria-infested regions? And what will it take to move business and political leaders to fund the final eradication of the disease? In this three-part series, we try to unpuzzle the science and logistics of ending malaria. Continue reading “WKCR: The Malaria Mystery” »

WKCR: Love in the Name of Alzheimer’s


Love in the Name of Alzheimer’s was the second of a four-part, summer-long series of multiple-part episodes of The Best Medicine on WKCR-FM.

“Giving another human being dignity is purposeful,” says Meryl Comer, “it gives you a calmness, and — although it’s very, very difficult — a sense, that’s where you are meant to be.” The Emmy-winning television journalist, and author of a memoir of her husband’s developing Alzheimer’s disease, joins a young filmmaker and doctor teaming up to educate the public on brain health, a neuroscientist leading research toward new treatments, and a patient who — humorfully — describes Alzheimer’s from within. What does Alzheimer’s teach us about radically caring for each other — and embracing the transitory nature of mental clarity? Continue reading “WKCR: Love in the Name of Alzheimer’s” »

WKCR: The Wisdom of Down Syndrome


The Wisdom of Down Syndrome was the first of a four-part,  summer-long series of multiple-part episodes of The Best Medicine on WKCR-FM.  The Best Medicine was a radio show and podcast that uses story-telling to shed light on medicine through a new prism. The show considers medical conditions not only as biological science, but as a shared human experience, a source of compassion, and a well of hope. The Best Medicine was a production of WKCR 89.9 FM and WKCR HD-1, Columbia University in the City of New York.

Society is increasingly providing, to individuals with Down Syndrome, resources tailored to enrich their lives. As this happens, we all learn lessons about accomplishment, ability, compassion, and what makes every human valuable. Researchers, meanwhile, are finding new ways not only to help Down Syndrome patients achieve their dreams, but are also discovering special skills — such as non-verbal communication and unique kinds of emotional awareness — which the condition seems to engender. We speak with a leading advocate, a neuroscientist, and a mother and her daughter with Down Syndrome, about the insights of this sometimes beautiful, sometimes challenging, medical condition. Continue reading “WKCR: The Wisdom of Down Syndrome” »

WKCR Late City Edition: Andrew Cote, New York City’s Most Prominent Beekeeper


Originally airing in October 2014 on WKCR 89.9 FM, which covers the New York metropolitan area, this is my half-hour interview with Andrew Cote, New York City’s most prominent beekeeper and founder of Bees Without Borders, a charity which teaches beekeeping in some of the world’s poorest countries.