Prompted by an editor who has worked at NGOs for years fighting human trafficking, this series started with an interview with an Evangelical megapastor, and then an academic who raises questions about whether Evangelicals are monopolizing American anti-trafficking efforts. A lively debate proceeded from there, which took us from Nepal to South Africa and back to New York City.

Samuel Rodriguez on a Global Evangelical Movement to End Human Trafficking

Are Evangelicals Monopolizing, Misleading US Anti-Trafficking Efforts?

Tim Dalrymple and John Mark Reynolds, Philosophical Fragments: Surprise! Evangelical Efforts Against Sex-Trafficking are “Colonialist”!

Derek Rishmawy, Christ and Pop Culture: Sex-Trafficking, Evangelical “Colonialism”, and the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

Derek Rishmawy (for Philosophical Fragments)Sex-Trafficking, Evangelical “Colonialism”, and the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

Laura Agustín, The Naked Anthropologist: Chink in the Evangelical wall: Sex trafficking, colonialism and Christian ethics

Morgan Guyton, Mercy not Sacrifice: Sex-trafficking, colonialism, and miscommunication

Are American Anti-human Trafficking Efforts on Shaky Moral Ground?

How Buddhist Nuns Fight Human Trafficking in Nepal

Proselytizing While Fighting Trafficking: Human Rights Violation?

Republication of How Buddhist Nuns Fight Human Trafficking in Nepal by tricycle, a Buddhist journal based in New York City

A Code of Conduct for Anti-Trafficking Efforts

Humanitarian Help and Joining a Church: Quid Pro Quo?

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